Customer Comments

•  “These beautiful dogs are equally matched by the great and caring folks that breed them.” Garvin L., August 2013 (via Facebook page)

•  “I just wanted to let you know that Luna is the yardstick for which all other dogs will be measured – we love her!  She’s been such a great addition to the household.  She loves to hike, splash through water, go on runs with me or visit the dog park.  And snuggle. She is the most affectionate dog, without being needy or annoying.  Thanks for allowing us to adopt her!”   Janna C., September 2013 (Eve x Casius 2013)

•  “…we have a healthy seven month old pup that is a great family dog and by all indications, will be a first class gun dog. My first dog will never be forgotten – he was great, but my Braque is making is easier to move on. What enhances the experience with my Braque is the great relationship I have with my breeder. They were there to answer my many questions in the beginning via e-mail and phone. They opened their home to my family to get to know the breed and their dogs better. They used social media effectively to keep us informed during the pregnancy, the selection process, and for general updates on their dogs and extended Braque family. Seth and I have regular dialogue on training techniques and all things NAVHDA. Importing my dog into Canada required some paperwork from their vet – Seth had it organized and ready when I picked up my dog. The folks at GLDG run a great business. If I could sum them up with one word, it would be integrity. If you are considering a Braque Francais, I would encourage you to contact Great Lakes Gun Dogs and have a chat – you’ll be glad you did … I am.”      Garvin L., February 2014 (via Eve x Casius 2013