Socialization & Development

At Brielle Kennels we begin preparing weeks in advance for the arrival of the puppies. It starts by getting our Dam acclimated to her whelping box. When her nesting instinct kicks in prior to delivery she will settle into her box to deliver her pups.

When is a pup ready for training? Training starts the minute their eyes open. During this time we encourage our pups to self train and use litter mates as assistants. There is also no substitution for children romping around (carefully) in the whelping box. We encourage visitors during this time too!

Post Whelping                                                                                                   

Pups will be weighed daily for the first couple of weeks and monitored carefully to ensure each of them are consistently gaining weight.

Day 3                                                                                                                     

Trip to the vet for tail docking and dew claw removal.

Day 4                                                                                                     

Individual Bio Sensor exercises start and continue daily through Day 10.

Two Weeks Old

Eyes and ears have opened but these senses are still very limited. Crawling and tail wagging begins. Pups receive first round of deworming medication.

Three Weeks Old

Pups sense of smell is more developed. Weaning from the mother begins this week and puppy gruel (rice cereal or milk replacer with pureed puppy kibble) is introduced.

House training starts as early as 3 weeks by teaching pups that relieving themselves happens in a different place than playing and sleeping. Teeth may start to break and chew toys are added to the play area. Pups will get their first scent of a bird wing this week.

Lead training begins in week 3 as well. A 2-ft. nylon cord is attached to pups collars and is left to trail around. It is only a matter of time until other pups see the cords snaking around and slaps,  paws  and pulls at them. Pups are learning to give to the lead and gentling to the sensation of having a check cord drawn over their bodies. This way they do not associate anything negative about a lead with people.

Four Weeks Old

Continue to introduce pups to different scenery and stimuli. During this time mom is teaching pups lessons in behavior and manners. Socializing with mom and the litter is important right now.

Pups receive second round of deworming medication.

Five Weeks Old 

Individual attention and play away from litter mates is important at this stage. Mom is spending more time away from the litter and they are becoming more independent.

Six Weeks Old                                                                                     

Puppy selection day!!! Pups will first take a trip to the vet for an exam, vaccinations,  micro-chipping, and last round of deworming meds…big day! Pups are close to being fully weaned by now and are showing individual personalities! Once home from the vet, we will post a video on facebook to begin the selection process.

Seven Weeks Old

Puppies can go to their forever homes! Day 49 of life is the ideal day in a puppy’s development to separate from it’s mother and for the dog-human relationship to begin. Human play, care and contact has the most effect on pups from now until the 16th week. (If traveling by air, pups need to be 8 weeks old).